About Us:  Hey all, and thanks for stopping by our website. KICK stands for Keep Inspiring Community Kids and we exist to give meaning to the lives of homeless, at-risk and thrownaway children. Unfortunately, poverty, AIDS, malaria, abuse, neglect and culture have all contributed to these beautiful kids living on the streets, where they are subject to crime, drugs, exploitation or worse. In all cases, they have little chance of ever living a normal childhood or receiving a proper education on the streets. That’s where KICK comes in.



Our Programs:  Our programs make it possible for a child’s life to go from homeless to sheltered, starving to fed, uneducated to schooled, ordinary to extraordinary. Through our soccer programs, boys have stepped up from members of street gangs to scholarship athletes. Through our music and dance programs, boys and girls have gone from forgotten by society to nationally unforgettable, as they danced on national stages in front of audiences of 10,000+, performed at weddings, and established their own weekly paid venue.  Click on the links below for more information. 



Contact Us:  Thanks to our many partners and supporters throughout the US, Denmark, and Uganda, we are able to operate on a shoe-string budget. However, there are many more children we would like to move off the streets, and your donation would make that possible. If you want to know more about our programs or our children, feel free to contact me at (805)509-6985 or ryantaikens@gmail.com 

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