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Types of Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Fundraising:  Our biggest need is always fundraising.  With over 100 kids in our various programs, it can become costly.  Right now, we rely mostly on our personal networks to raise funds.  With your help, we would be able to expand our programs and get more kids off the streets and into school.  We constantly have a need for school funds.  


  • Program Design:  If you or your class at school are interested in becoming more involved in our entire program and would be interested in helping shape our strategic plan and future, we welcome your input.  


  • Video/Graphic/Web Design:  A major need of ours is a creative and skilled volunteer interested in using our HD videos and photos to create an awareness and fundraising video.  We would be willing to let this volunteer keep certain ownership rights over the video as well. 


  • Awareness:  Help us raise awareness by sharing our social media sites, distributing flyers, etc.. 


  • School Groups:  Want to do a school project with a real impact?  Let us know.  Whether it is a school project, fundraising opportunitity, parent group, or anything else, we can come up with something that 


  • Soccer Coaching:  Are you a soccer coach or maybe an awesome soccer player?  If you're interested in visiting, we can organize a multi-day soccer camp for you to come over and coach 50-100 kids. 


  • Dance Coaching:  Do you want to go out to Uganda and teach our kids a new dance or two?  Maybe learn a traditional Ugandan dance yourself? 


Contact Us:  To discuss involvement at (805)509-6985 or ryantaikens@gmail.com